Sunday, August 18, 2013

ObamaCare Is Just A HUGE Monstrocity Of A Disaster (Unless You're A Congressman!)

Health insurers to limit medical choices under ObamaCare?

Like experts have been saying since even BEFORE ObamaCare was passed...this is going to be very limited in your'll be just like HMO's, very limited and restricted. Yet Congress members will be exempt from this and able to KEEP their plans. Why, if this is such a great thing, aren't they required to do the same as us ordinary folks, eh? And also, why is it, that despite employment reports and news reports that state employers are cutting back on the amount of people they employ and the hours they'll give those employees (because ObamaCare encourages employers to stay below 50 employees and under 30 hours work weeks), those on Capitol Hill say that this is anecdotal and refuse to see the harm it's doing to the employment sector for us "regular" people? Maybe if We the People stepped in and finally put a stop to the "full time" careers of these idiots and put them back to the "part time" jobs like the constitution says their jobs are SUPPOSED to be, they'd be more apt to see it our way, as it TRULY is, and get rid of this monstrosity called ObamaCare, eh?

ObamaCare exposed already as a disaster?

You REALLY need to listen to this Senator from South Caroliner about ObamaCare....and what it REALLY is and does!

ObamaCare a stepping stone to single payer health care?

What does single payer health care mean? It means that everybody is on a government run health care system (like Canada & GB) where you could possibly DIE WAITING to see a doctor because the waiting lists to see one are so long! (Unless of course you're a governmental employee, a union member or some BIG corporation who are exempt!) Watch the video above and see for yourself!


ObamaCare’s impact: More doctors becoming hospital employees