Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Information About the IRS Scandal From the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee

This past Tuesday (September 17), the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee issued a memo entitled, “Interim update on the Committee’s investigation of the Internal Revenue Service’s inappropriate treatment of tax-exempt applications.”

The newly released memo makes it clear that the IRS did, in fact, target conservative groups, especially Tea Party-related entities. The memo states:

“While the Committee’s discovery efforts are ongoing, it is apparent from material already available to the Committee that the IRS engaged in inappropriate and disparate treatment of conservative-oriented applicants for tax-exempt status.”

It goes on to say:

“The IRS first identified and elevated the Tea Party applications due to media attention surrounding the Tea Party. Media attention caused the IRS to treat conservative-oriented tax-exempt applications differently.” 

This specific targeting of Tea Party groups is referenced in the Committee’s memo by a number of formal business emails between Stephen Grodnitzky, the IRS acting manager of Exempt Organizations, and various IRS employees.

++The IRS must be reined in immediately!

The danger of having this kind of political manipulation operating below the radar in a powerful federal agency cannot be overstated.

The individuals within the IRS are not elected officials representing the people. They have granted themselves unlawful power, and are making illegal and potentially nation-altering judgments from their office cubicles by manipulating the political arena and punishing their perceived political opponents!

Such actions are outrageous, unlawful, and cannot be tolerated.

++Why is this targeting still taking place?

It has become clear that even with increased scrutiny on this unlawful activity, the targeting has not been stopped!  The fact is, it won’t stop until enough grassroots patriots demand that it does!

As American citizens, we should not have to fear government repercussion for vocalizing our political views in private or in public. But with security breaches in the NSA and the shocking political realities at the IRS, this has become the situation all too frequently under the Obama administration.

This scandal is a growing strain on the Obama administration – one that they are eager to downplay and make disappear. But as freedom-loving Americans, we can ill-afford to let that happen!

That’s why we need you to help flood Congress with demands to appoint a Special Counsel to oversee and lead a thorough investigation into the IRS’ egregious overstep of authority.

Click here now to send your faxes demanding truth and accountability from the IRS:
You can have us fax your request, or take our example fax and fax your reps and senators yourself.

Conservative organizations were victimized by a rogue federal agency bent on destroying perceived political enemies. If you want these kinds of attacks to stop, please consider amplifying your voice by scheduling faxes for fast delivery to key members of Congress.

We can’t back down from the leftist bullies who seek to destroy our system of government and undermine our rights as American citizens

Thank you for taking this vital action with me today!

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel
Maine US Reps & Senators;

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At Least The US House Is FINALLY Listening to We the People!

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