Friday, July 29, 2016

Obama’s brother voting for Donald Trump!

Despite the fact this his half-brother is president of the United States, Malik Obama says he’ll be voting for Donald Trump this November.

Another Black Man Who Supports Trump Disavowing BLM!

Notice that the CNN reporter brings up the question "Does it matter that the KKK supports Trump?" (thus insinuating that Trump is racist) but refuses to answer another by-stander's question of "Does the Black Panthers support Obama?" Now tell me once again that the mainstream media isn't biased against conservatives and that they aren't trying to make us..."We the People"... into having racial divide and be fighting each other! WAKE UP America and listen to this man!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Still Think That The Democratic Party Stands For AMERICAN Ideals?


Could the media be lying about the Orlando Shooting?

FBI Transcript Reveals Shocking Truth about Orlando Shooting

What really happened during the Orlando nightclub shooting?
What if the events of that fateful evening played out entirely different from what the media has reported?
Well, it seems that the FBI transcripts of what happened differ from the story the media reported:
What should have been front page news everywhere, somehow got buried amid the official narrative we were given about the Orlando shooting. Judge Andrew Napolitano told FOX News that an FBI transcript indicated that no one died until 05:13am Sunday morning when the police SWAT teams entered the building.
“Here’s what is news in the summary – nobody died until 05:13 in the morning, when the SWAT team entered. Prior to that no one had been killed. The 53 that were injured, and the 49 that were murdered all met their fates at the time of, and during, the police entry into the building,” Judge Napolitano said.
Of course the question is obvious:
Why would the media report a complete false narrative of the shooting?
In light of recent week’s events involving police shootings, it sure raises lots of questions.
But the ONE question is this:
Who stands to gain the most from keeping the narrative of gun violence alive?