Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Where's the Peace?

Former Muslim woman who was born & raised in Saudi Arabia all her life until she moved to Canada tells the truth about Islam.

More truth about Islamic faith. When there are Muslims who say that they don't believe in what the world is seeing is what is happening all over with Muslims in general as the many videos below show, they call these Muslim "radicals". Well, don't believe them. These "radicals" are only following their great prophet Mohammed's word & example! THIS is the TRUE Islamic faith base, and it's NOT Islamaphobia to point it out and show the truth of what they don't want you to see until it's too late!

No one can even ask questions of a Muslim in a public space let alone harass them like these Muslims are this Christian, we can't video them but it's okay for them to do so at any time, and if we so much as look at them wrong, we're violating them but they can put their hands on us physically. Any peaceful Muslims who don't condone this kind of sh!t out there? If so, YOU need to stop this from your "brethren" because these "brethren" are defining your religion as one of hate, intolerance, world domination and death of anyone who disagrees. THIS is what is being depicted as Islam/Muslim faith. We are NOT Islamaphobic....THIS is what we face in the real world and is REAL. It is only self preservation to react negatively to danger, it's not being phobic to do so. You want us to see & think otherwise then you need to join us & denounce this and turn these kind of Muslims away, PUBLICLY because THIS is what we see & experience....