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Rx Drugs Responsible For World Wide Violence?

Think world governments aren't trying to control their populations? Then maybe you should read the stories on the following URLs and wonder why our governments not only approve these Rx Antidepressant drugs, but often promote them as well!!!

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Friday, December 21, 2012


July 25, 2012

A highly disturbing Ministry of Finance report on the largest bank fraud in history that is circulating in the Kremlin today warns that it is “within the realm of possibility” that the shocking movie massacre in Colorado this past week is but another“integral part” in the deliberate plan put in place by Western banking elites and their allies to collapse the global economy.
The massacre cited in this report is being referred to as the “2012 Aurora Shooting wherein suspect James Holmes is purported to have opened fire during the playing of a movie killing 12 and injuring 58 in one of the worst mass shootings in recent US history.
Interestingly, this report notes, James Holmes is extremely intelligent, a gifted scientist and grew up in an affluent neighborhood; an eerie similarity he shares with other noted American killers of the past 3 decades including Andrew Cunanan, John Gardner, John Hinckley, Timothy McVeigh, Ted Kaczynski, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.
Most important to note about James Holmes, however, this report says, is that his father, Robert Holmes, was said to have been scheduled to testify within the next few weeks before a US Senate panel on the largest bank fraud scandal in world history that is currently unfolding and threatens to destabilize and destroy the Western banking system.
Robert Holmes, whose “blueblood” family links go back to the Mayflower, is known throughout the global banking community as being the creator of one of the most sophisticated computer algorithms ever developed and is credited with developing predictive models for financial services; credit and fraud risk models, first and third party application fraud models and internet/online banking fraud models.
Educated at the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University, Robert Holmes is currently the senior lead scientist with the American credit score company FICO, which was formally known as Fair, Isaac and Company, and which every American citizen is beholden to should they need to borrow money.
The massive banking crime being investigated by the US Senate is called the LIBOR Scandal where UK banks fixed theLondon Interbank Borrowing Rate with the complicity of the Bank of England, the US Federal Reserve (which knew about this crime for 4 years and didn’t report it) and many other major Western banks.
Not known to the majority of those affected by this LIBOR rate scandal (which is everyone in the world) is that its historically low setting of interests rates since the beginning of the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2012 has done more to destroy the life savings, stock investments and retirements of Americas middle class than any other single event in their entire history.
Even worse, according to this report, Holmes recently completed his work on what is called one of the most sophisticated computer algorithms ever developed that not only uncovered the true intent of this massive fraud, but is, also, able to trace the Trillions of Dollars “lost” to the exact bank accounts of the elite classes who have stolen it.
Ministry intelligence officials note in this report that it is “no coincidence” that this Colorado massacre occurred within minutes of London’s Guardian News Service releasing their shocking report this past Saturday (21 July) titled “Wealth Doesn't trickle Down – It Just Floods Offshore, Research Reveals” as Robert Holmes algorithms were said used to discover this massive fraud scheme.
Equally curious to note about this massacre is that the American intelligence website TheIntelHub.Com in their 23 July article titled “Hallmarks of a False Flag: Colorado University Held Identical Drill on Same Day as Aurora Theater Mass Shooting, Mind Control, and Multiple Suspects” states that just mere hours before this shocking crime was committed the Rocky VistaUniversity College of Osteopathic Medicine was holding an identical drill that simulated a shooter in a movie theater.
The popular InfoWars.Com website further notes that “false flag” events such as the Colorado massacre are actively planned for by the US Army as noted in their training manual titled “Foreign Internal Defense Tactics Techniques and Procedures for Special Forces”.
Even though the true objective of this massacre was may never be known, it is more than interesting to note that some in the“mainstream” US media are not accepting the “official line,” such as Fox News reporter Ben Swann from their WXIX-FOX19 station out of Cincinnati, Ohio, who asks:
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[Ed. Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth.  Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ against us has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report “Who Is Sorcha Faal?”.]

It's Time To Show The Liberal Socialists The REAL Truth Behind Gun Statistics

After each mass gun shooting, especially the Sandy Hook school incident last week, the liberal socialists (including the mainstream media) who want to do away with Americans 2nd amendment right to bear arms away, use these shootings to pass legislation (or try to in some cases) to do just that....disarm us and make us even more helpless and at the mercy of those who are armed.
Now, I can just hear some of you saying, well if it's law that NOBODY can have guns, then you won't be anyone's mercy, cause no one will have them. To those of you who think this, you live in la-la-land and need a wake up call! Crooks and bad guys, by the very definition of the words describing them...don't care about nor follow laws! THEY WILL HAVE GUNS....period. They will be able to get them even easier than it is now, as the minute you pass a law banning guns, the black market will flourish even more and the influx of weapons will grow exponentially. And with this, we will see even more mass shootings as the bad guys will be basically assured that there will be absolutely no resistance! Right now, the bad guys know that there is some chance that someone may be carrying, so they choose places where they know there isn't anyone armed like schools. But take away ALL rights to be armed and there will be a field day for the bad guys. And then there will be more mass shootings, and it won't be contained to just a few places.
Now, I can just hear some of you saying, well there will be armed law enforcement officers who will protect us! My answer to that is....where was that protection at Columbine, Wakefield Massacre, Amish School in Lancaster, Carthage Nursing home, Virginia Tech, Lockheed Martin, Fort Hood, USPS shooting in Edmond, OK, Dallas Nightclub and the Tuscon shooting last year (just to mention a few)? Armed law enforcement officers protecting us in these situations is a myth. They only arrive at the scene (in 99.9% of the cases) AFTER the bad guy has completed his mission and have to CLEAN UP the results!
I also want to point out this....what is to stop our own government from becoming the bad guy with us being unarmed? What would have happened in 1776 if all of our forefathers & mothers weren't armed? Do you honestly think the ARMED British soldiers wouldn't have used their weapons anyways? A tyrannical government doesn't care and when a country's population is unarmed and can't protect themselves against tyrannical governmental leaders (oh my! Dishonest, controlling politicians????) it makes them even more susceptible to their tyranny! This was considered self-evident by our founding fathers and is why we have the 2nd amendment in the first place!
What I would like to know is WHEN it became un-American or BAD to properly protect oneself by being armed? When did a big number of the American people decide that it's ok to leave our 2nd amendment in the hands of armed enforcement officers and government officials and let them take care of us? Let's take a look at a country who greatly influenced our founding fathers and their reasoning (other than our own revolution) behind writing the 2nd amendment.... Switzerland. One of the few nations with a higher per capita rate of gun ownership than the United States, Switzerland has virtually no gun crime. "Switzerland is a nation with every household owning and routinely training firearms of every kind and calibre. From handguns to semi-automatic "assault" rifles, the Swiss are armed and secure, and not hindered or impeded by gun laws and unnecessary regulation. Not surprisingly, Switzerland has one of the lowest rates of gun crime in the industrial world with low levels of robbery, assault with a weapon and rape when compared to disarmed countries like the UK and portions of the United States". (
"The [Swiss] army sells a variety of machine guns, submachine guns, anti-tank weapons, anti-aircraft guns, howitzers and cannons. Purchasers of these weapons require an easily obtained cantonal license, and the weapons are registered, In a nation of six million people, there are at least two million guns, including 600,00 fully automatic assault rifles, half a million pistols, and numerous machine guns. Virtually every home has a gun. If ever a nation had "a well-regulated militia," it is Switzerland. Nineteenth-century economist Adam Smith thought Switzerland the only place where the whole body of the people had successfully been drilled in militia skills. The nation is ready to mobilise on a moment's notice. Said one Swiss citizen-soldier, "If we start in the morning, we would be mobilised by late afternoon. That is why the gun is at home, the ammunition is at home. The younger people all have automatic rifles. They are ready to fight".(
The answer to our problems with mass shootings is NOT to disarm the GOOD's to not only arm them, but also TRAIN them on how to properly use their weapons! There goes the socialistic liberals argument (like Spartanburg County Councilman Michael Brown) that "this is just the opportunity for people who are not trained law enforcement officials, people who do not have extensive training and the experience, to handle weapons". Brown likened the increasing number of citizens exercising their right-to-carry to the “wild wild West,” and expressed hope in “letting cooler heads prevail” and that pro-comments on our right-to-carry as “irresponsible, irreprehensible [sic] and… incendiary." ( Seems Brown would prefer citizens to rely on the “cooler heads” of armed robbers, convicted felons and after the fact law enforcement officers! "Whatever the effect of Swiss guns abroad, they are not even a trivial crime problem domestically. Despite all the guns, the murder rate is a small fraction of the American rate, and is less than the rate in Canada or England, which strictly control guns, or in Japan, which virtually prohibits them. The gun crime rate is so low that statistics are not even kept. It is not Switzerland's cultural makeup, or its gun policies per se, that explain that low crime rate. Rather, it is the emphasis on community duty, of which gun ownership is the most important part, that best explains low crime rate". And our fore fathers understood this and is why they found it so fundamentally important to secure this, that they made it the SECOND amendment, right after securing our right to freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and to petition our government for a redress of grievances!

And to say, can own weapons, but not anything bigger than a handgun or rifle... I wish to point out that those are measly and ineffective against a bad guy's assault weapon and not protective in any way! We need to be able to meet fire with fire...not a lighted match!
Those Americans who think that "We the People" shouldn't be able to have weapons... need to not own them...but leave the rest of us who believe we should, rights alone. It just may save their lives, or someone else's whom they love!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Securitization Flow Chart

Here is a flow chart showing how your promissory note and mortgage SHOULD be entered into a trust fund  on one side and then how it usually was done on the other. Just fill in the names and dates where applicable. Please note, I take no credit for this as it was illustrated by Bradley Walker on 9/28/12 and researched by Joseph Esquivel at MCI. Both did an excellent job at depicting what happens during the securitization process. 
Kudos gentlemen!