Tuesday, November 15, 2011

State of Maine Doesn't Care About Local Government Decisions!

The State of Maine and Walter Whitcomb, Maine Agricultural Commissioner are ignoring and disregarding the Local Food and Community Self-Governance passed nearly unanimously by the citizens of Blue Hill at their town meeting on April 4 and is suing the town for selling food and milk without State licenses.

This is just another way for the government to further control our food supply and regulate what we can consume and how we manage one of our most fundlamental rights, LIFE! 
If we let the government dictate how our food is grown, harvested and distributed, we will be at their mercy concerning additives, genetically modified food, pesticides, diseases and who we can buy it from. THIS HAS TO STOP! We the people have the right to have natural, locally grown and free from harmful additives, food  and make local ordinances that ensure and protect this right!

We also have the right to govern ourselves at the local level without being bullied by the state. If this was not so, why can each town decide on what to do about fireworks, even though the state says they are legal? The LOCAL government is higher on the ladder than the state and we have the RIGHT and the POWER to regulate how we will live and make rules that will protect our rights.

PLEASE, show your support for Blue Hill (and thus your own town as well) and let our state and Whitcomb know that this is completely unacceptable by going here: We Are All Farmer Brown and like the page to show your support. 
You can also write to Mr. Whitcomb here:  agriculture.commissioner@maine.gov
Write Attorney General William Schneider HERE
Write Governor Paul LePage HERE

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