Monday, July 30, 2012

Total State Domination...Think Not?

Then think again my fellow Americans!

First we have California declaring war on small, local fresh milk farmers and distributors. Also, Maine's Department of Agriculture targets Farmer Brown for selling food without licenses, specifically milk, assorted dairy products like ice cream and cheese, and processed items like pickles and jams even though the town's Local Food and Community Self-Governance Ordinance says he can.

Secondly we have the state of Michigan criminalizing small, local ranchers and animal operations.
And if that isn't enough, a city in Michigan then criminalizes having your own vegetable garden!

Thirdly, we have the city of Tulsa, OK tearing up a woman's perfectly legal herb garden, a Portsmouth, NH woman being fined for planting flowers, a Georgia man was fined nearly $7,000 after inadvertently repainting his house the wrong shade of blue, and in Louisiana, homeowners sued for placing a banner on their front lawn honoring a family member who died during active military service.

Fourthly, with the passage of the NDAA Bill, the president has nullified our right to due process, free speech is constantly being eroded, and small, local farmers will be devastated once the Food Safety Modernization Act kicks in.

What's next? Maybe the state owns the sunlight that falls on your yard, or the air above it and you'll be fined for stealing that?! And then, most likely... TAXED for breathing it in or using it! When will the American people stand up, say.. ENOUGH is ENOUGH, and stop this insanity???


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