Sunday, September 9, 2012

Real Signatures

In my process of investigation in defense of my foreclosure, I have gathered a few people's TRUE signatures which are on my "alleged" original documents. I have included the real ones here, for those of you who might also have the same ones on your documents to compare them to. The first 3 I have certified copies of, the 4th one was sent to me by the Texas Secretary of State Statutory Documents Section via email and the 5th one, was a copy sent to me by someone who got it from the Maryland's state records on corporations. 

Corey Kowalsky - He is a Notary in Maricopa County, Arizona

Maria Ramos - She was a Notary in Ventura County, California and worked for Countrywide

Michelle Antonucci - She was a Notary in Ventura County, California

Jorge Vargas - He is a Notary in Denton County, Texas

David A. Spector - He was Managing Director of Countrywide and now is with PennyMac

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