Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

Our government is not only deliberately dumbing down Americans through the educational system (please read Charlotte Iserbyt's book here, it's a MUST read!) but through the medical community as well through vaccines! 
Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and editor of writes:

Vaccines are designed with chemical additives to poison the population, not to protect the population

That's the real purpose of vaccines: Not to "protect children" with any sort of immunity, but to inject the masses with a toxic cocktail of chemicals that cause brain damage and infertility: Mercury, MSG, formaldehyde and aluminum. The whole point of this is to dumb the population down so that nobody has the presence of mind to wake up and start thinking for themselves.

This is precisely why the smartest, most "awake" people still remaining in society today are the very same ones who say NO to vaccines. Only their brains are still intact and operating with some level of awareness.

The system wants you to stay dumbed down, of course. It makes you easier to control. Watch George Carlin brilliantly explain the concept of "Obedient Workers" and read the rest of this article HERE where Mike Adams shows that the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) itself states that vaccines do include the above mentioned toxic ingredients in them!

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