Monday, February 4, 2013

Double Standards In Maine Attorney General's Office On Robo-Signing!

On January 31, 2013 the Maine Attorney General's Office reached a settlement against Lender Processing Services Inc. and its subsidiaries, LPS Default Solutions and DocX and Maine will receive $500,000 as part of the $121 million multi-state settlement in a mortgage robo-signing case.

I called the AG office and talked with Linda Conti, AAG who was the one who supposedly negotiated the settlement. My conversation with her was less than enlightening and down right discouraging. I asked her how it was possible for one fraction of the state government (AG's Office) understands the illegal practices of robo-signing which make the documents illegal, yet another fraction of the state government (The Courts) does not? How can the state, who hasn't lost anything, receive compensation based on illegal documents, but homeowners get foreclosed upon, with these same documents? Her answer? Because you didn't lose your case because of robo-signing, you lost because you didn't pay your mortgage and the judge found that the bank owned your mortgage. Excuse me????? How can the bank show that they own my mortgage when their proof of ownership are the very same robo-signed documents that the AG office has just said were illegal? And this isn't about whether I paid or not, this is about whether the bank OWNS MY NOTE & MORTGAGE OR NOT!!!!

Now, my documents aren't LPS or DocX, that I know of anyways. Countrywide (and we know how corrupt THEY were!) kept it in house. But, the very same ROBO-SIGNOR names that were used by LPS were used. Whether Jill Wosnak's name was used by LPS, or Countrywide, she's still the same robo-signor. If robo-signing is illegal and the signatures are forged, it makes those documents fraudulent ones. So how can a bank use fraudulent documents to show ownership? Especially when I had a hand writing expert's report that the signatures were forged! (Think maybe the judges in my case are either ignorant or corrupt here? Either way, their rulings are null and void due to fraud vitiates everything. And the AAG doesn't know this? BULL PUCKIES!)
Ms. Conti's answer? You just aren't listening and don't understand and I don't know how else to explain it to you. It seems you just don't agree with me or the judge and need to appeal your case. I cannot help you.

Hmmmmm.... either Ms. Conti is very uneducated about the fraud here, or is helping in covering it up! Either way, is this the kind of caliber of attorney we have sitting in the state AG's office? Because if she is any kind of representation of what we have up there, no wonder the citizens of Maine are having their homes and businesses stolen by the fraudulent practices of these banks!!!
Seems to me, that illegal robo-signed documents that are illegal enough for the state of Maine to collect a settlement on should also be illegal enough for homeowners to prove that the banks don't own our mortgages!!!

And what happened to the $500k to help homeowners in foreclosure? Aren't I one?? But yet, Ms. Conti can't help me!!


  1. Conti is one employee that has to be on Gov. LePage's "list" of employees to FIRE!

  2. Until We The People wake up to the fact that we've been under Martial Law since Lincoln and all courts are Admiralty Law courts and the so called judge is just an executive administrator nothing will ever change.If you research The No Trading With The Enemy Act that another socialist Democrat passed that defined all United States Citizens as enemies to the States and enemies can't own property the States own it all.Socialism at it's finest and a corrupt State government going along with a corrupt cooperation created in The Act Of 1871 called THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA it's not a constitutional form of government it's a business same with every State Capital it's a business and full of employees not public servants.