Friday, January 11, 2013

Tell Capitol Hill To Keep Their Hands Off Our 2nd Amendment Right!

The deadly shootings in Connecticut and Colorado have ignited a firestorm of debate in Congress and the media over our Second Amendment rights.
Although we don’t yet know the fallout from numerous meetings in and around Capitol Hill on the gun-rights issue, two things are certain. One, President Obama is looking to move quickly on what undoubtedly will be liberal recommendations – using even executive action to achieve his goals. And two, our Second Amendment rights are under attack.
Unless liberty-loving Americans respond, we can expect sweeping changes and restrictions.
That’s why I added my name to Grassfire’s “I Support the Second Amendment” petition, and I’m inviting you to do the same as a means to counter the liberal push to undermine our gun rights as citizens. Click below to sign:
+ + The Left wants your guns!
Through this petition effort, Grassfire is mobilizing 100,000 citizen-signers from across the nation. They will hand-deliver these petitions to the White House and key members in both the Senate and the House in the coming weeks.
Make no mistake; the liberal media are attempting to drown out the voices of decent, law-abiding patriots who cherish their right to bear arms. Left unchecked, the media will paint you and I as villains.
Fight back by clicking below and adding your name to this important Grassfire petition. Join me and tens of thousands of other like-minded American patriots, who oppose the Left’s efforts to steal our Second Amendment rights.

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