Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Champion For Our Country's Heroes!

I have come across someone who is a rare and unique bird in the lawyer/attorney realm. Michael Connelly, a Constitutional Attorney and United States Army Veteran, has done something that makes this patriot not only proud to call him a brother, but also a fellow American! He has stepped up to the plate, and is helping our American heroes, our veterans, to fight against our government which is stripping them of their constitutional rights. (Read HERE and HERE about what our government is doing to them!). 

Michael, THANK YOU and God Bless you, for doing this! You are a shining example of a true patriot, for all to see and follow and this Marine salutes you!! Go visit Michael's article HERE and read what he is doing for our heroes and while you're there, send him your thanks as well! He definitely deserves it!

Semper Fi, my brother!

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