Sunday, June 30, 2013

Marriage and DOMA

I really see you people's, who disagree with the Supreme Court's decision, position on DOMA very hypocritical. You say that you want freedom and rights for all Americans, yet when it comes to marriage, you want to define that for ALL Americans based upon your own religious belief/faith and then force down everybody's throats and make them swallow it if they don't believe that that is right for them. You are so religiously narrow minded on this subject that you do not see that this decision by the Supreme Court is NOT supporting gay marriage, but supporting the individual's right to decide a very basic constitutional and unalienable right for themselves, whom to marry and how that'll occur, without interference by anyone. 

No one knows the mind of God. There are many religious scripts out in this world and no one can officially stand up and say that they know for absolute surety that they have God's word on matters. All the scripts were written by man, edited, put together, translated etc, by man. Man is flawed and has his own agenda and thus, religious scripts must be taken with advisement. 

Besides, it is GOD who is the judge, not man. Each of us will have to stand before our Creator and answer to Him ourselves. So, if we are wrong here, we'll find that out when we stand before Him. It is NOT your job, or anyone else's here to judge anyone's personal choices about whom they should love and how to express that love. God gave each of us the power and right to choose that for ourselves. And as far as I know, He hasn't abdicated His throne to you, or anyone else here on earth to decide that for us. 

So, you keep and hold dear your religious faith and beliefs, FOR YOURSELF, and leave the rest of us to OUR OWN, thank you very much! THAT my dear fellow American, is what true sovereignty really is. The ability to decide what is best for one's self in one of the most personal of all personal rights, who to marry and how to define that marriage for one's self.

(And BEFORE I get any messages on this, I'm talking about consenting adult people. So all you sickos who want to argue pedophilia, beastiality and any other unnatural arguments to prop up your religious stand on this issue need not message me!)

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