Wednesday, October 23, 2013

No Wonder ILLEGAL Aliens Want To Stay Here!

They've never had it so good! And better than some of us Americans! And hard working poor families just getting by are due to lose even more of our government's aid because of cutback in food stamps. I got a CRAZY idea....why don't we take the money we're giving to people here ILLEGALLY and give it to OUR OWN people in need, eh?
According to a recent Center for Immigration Studies report, the Treasury Department’s Inspector General for Tax Administration estimates that $4.2 billion in payments were sent to families of illegal aliens under the Additional Child Tax Credits, or ACTC, in the tax processing year 2010. Many of the payments went for non-existent children, or for dependent children found living outside the United States.
The ACTC program, first initiated in 1997, is an income-transfer program for low-income families that offers up to $1,000 per child per year to all resident families, including evidently those of illegal aliens.
Unlike the EITC program in which the filer and his dependents must have Social Security numbers to obtain a tax-credit refund, the ACTC program has no such requirements.
“Since earned income is taxable whether or not the worker is legally in the country, the IRS had to create a system to identify individuals who had tax obligations even though they were not here legally,” the CIS report noted.
“Hence the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). But the IRS also decreed that ITINs can be used to identify dependents when SSNs are not legally obtainable.”
A person must be a legal resident of the United States to get a Social Security number legally. The ACTC program operates for those filing income-tax returns with an ITIN in a manner comparable to the way the EITC program operates for those filing income-tax returns with a Social Security Number.
Bob Segall, a senior investigative reporter for WTHR-TV in Indianapolis, first aired a report on April 26, 2012, detailing widespread abuse with the ACTC program. Lax enforcement by the IRS has resulted in illegal immigrant families applying for ACTC payments of as much as $1,000 per year for as many as a dozen claimed dependents.
An additional problem is that many illegal immigrant families claimed ACTC payments for nieces and nephews who live in countries outside the United States, including Mexico.
If the IRS attempts rigid administration of the ACTC program, many families currently receiving ACTC tax-credit refunds may not receive comparable benefits in the future.

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