Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Neighbor Helping Neighbor

There still are some real good people in LOCAL businesses and I want to point them out. So today, I'm reporting GOOD news!
1) My car blew a spark plug last September. My ex son-in-law replaced it but my car still wouldn't start. I had Llyod's Auto Sales here in Sanford come get it last Wednesday. I also had an accident with this car 2 winters ago and it needed some body work. The estimate for everything was approximately $1500.00 (believe me, that's quite reasonable with everything that needed work on!) and Llyod is working with me on installments. Now, is does help that I bought this car from him and he knows my payment history. But even so, he still didn't have to work with me on this. So, I highly recommend Llyod's Auto Sales if you want a fair shake!
Llyod's Auto Sales 207-324-2437
2) Tyler at Premier Rentals is a fantastic guy! My washing machine broke down and I had to get a new one, fast! I've done business with Premiere and once again, Tyler knows of my payment history with them so when I needed them, they were there and gave me a great deal and I had my new washer 2 days later! I also had a laptop that went dead on me. Tyler works on computers and he took mine and has saved my data that I thought I had lost! Plus, he just might be able to save my hard drive too! And, he's very reasonable with his prices! Want good prices and good service? Than Premier Rentals is the place to go!
Premier Rentals 207-850-4200
3) There's a great local fix-it man in my neighborhood, John Pontes. Now, he's a great guy who likes to help his local community and does a jack-of-all trades kind of work and charges very little for his services because he knows how times are tough. And even though he only does jobs in his own local community, I wanted to praise him too and let people know that if they live in my community, he's available. And if you don't...I encourage you to look for a handy man in yours.

So look for these kinds of people and businesses in YOUR local vicinity, they are there and you help them too by giving them much needed business during hard times as well! Your local community...neighbor helping neighbor! Jut as it should be! 

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