Thursday, March 13, 2014

A System In Crisis

Is it any wonder why the people of Maine do not trust their representatives? When examples of wrong doing by Schneider was being brought forth, committee members bring up reasons that have nothing to do with what is being brought forth to shut them up. Saying that they are bringing these reasons before that committee for answers or fixing the problem is NOT why they were stating the reasons. They were stating the reasons to show the ineptness and criminality of the actions/in-actions of the nominee for judge while he was a legislator and AG! This proves his inability to follow his oath to the constitution and his duties in positions beforehand...thus showing a pattern of ineptness and willful derelict of duty. This is VERY pertinent to the matter at hand which is showing why he should not be nominated to sit on the bench where he'd have peoples lives, freedoms and property in his hands. If he was unwilling and or unable to address them while in a lesser position that dictates he must do so before, then what makes this committee think he'll do so in a more important role as judge? This goes to show you that these committee members are just as bad as the nominee before them and have no intention to follow their oaths of office either...and the proof of that is in the rubber stamping of nominating Schneider to the bench without so much as even taking a break to look at the information given them at the hearing BEFORE going on to vote unanimously for his nomination! UNBELIEVABLE!


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