Saturday, May 24, 2014

News Flash For Russian P.M. Medvedev

News flash Mr. Medvedev, us Americans do NOT like to eat GMO produce/products....that is why we're fighting the BIG corporations tooth & nail to stop it! But you see, it seems fascism has taken hold of our government (not much unlike your country's history) and it seems to think that We the People have no say. And though it may be true that a lot of Americans have been either ignorant or asleep (or both) for quite awhile, make no doubt that there is now an awaken giant that is taking our government and these corporation culprits to task. 

So please take note, our government, as it is now, does not represent us Americans and what we think or feel about many things, to include GMO products. So be patient, you will see soon enough how We the American People deal with rogue governments (it seems our own government has forgotten 1776!) and fascism.

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