Saturday, June 14, 2014

Let’s Kick Some Grass!

As if the world’s most widely used poison, Monsanto’s Roundup, didn’t already pose a huge public health threat. Now, Monsanto and Scotts have teamed up to market Roundup Ready Kentucky Bluegrass, genetically engineered to withstand massive doses of Roundup.
You probably won’t buy it. But what’s to stop commercial landscapers from using it just about anywhere?
Nothing. Because it’s unregulated.
Scotts new GMO grass poses two critical dangers. One, it will lead to even more widespread use of poisons that scientists say are making us, and especially our children, sick. And two, it will spread, contaminating everything in its sight, including the pastures of organic farmers.
Monsanto and Scotts are both members of the Grocery Manufacturers Association, the group we targeted last week for the Great Boycott. Let’s give Scotts a little extra attention this week. Let Scotts Chairman & CEO Jim Hagedorn, Chief Communications Officer Jim King, and a few other key executives know that we won’t buy their Miracle-Gro products until they drop plans to market their GMO grass.
Call Jim King, Chief Communications Officer for Scotts
(937) 578-5622

More about Scotts GMO Grass
GMA boycott website

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