Sunday, March 8, 2015

When Maine Leads The Nation

Child pornography is, unfortunately, quite an active past time for MANY governmental leaders and officials. So much so, that our illustrious governor, Paul LePage, felt the need to issue an executive order on February 20, 2015, prohibiting Maine state employees from accessing pornographic or sexually explicit material on both state computers or devices even when they were off-duty on personal time.

This executive order is the first of its kind in the USA. It is a very sad state of affairs when a governor of a state has to pass an order to his state workers directing them that they can't use state property to watch (and thus participating in) the abuse of children! Not only are our state employees corrupt, but they are also so sick minded, that an official order must be given to protect our children from the very people who are supposed to be protecting them in the first place!

And the reason for Governor LePage's executive order shows further the corruption in the offices of Maine's state officials. He has been waging a public battle with Maine’s AG, Janet Mills (D). Our state is the only state in the country where the attorney general is neither elected by the general population nor appointed by the governor. Here, the AG is elected, solely, by the state representatives. This is a huge problem in that it enables and protects massive state-level corruption among state legislatures who are protected against prosecution for their crimes under “prosecutorial discretion” by the AG they elected to office.

The structure is essentially a legalized protection racket for Maine politicians. It is a structure that has been working very well for Maine Democrats who have controlled Maine politics, more or less, for the past three or four decades.

It is highly likely Governor LePage issued this executive order, in part, out of frustration for prosecutorial discretion and misconduct in Maine, which is extensive. (Read here and read Unmasker4Maine, for more information of this).

By all accounts there is both a national child porn crisis and, within that, a crisis of American federal and state employees engaged in child porn. In what appears to be epidemic numbers men are down-loading child porn often on their work computers at The Pentagon, The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), The Department of Justice (DOJ) (of which York County's newly elected sheriff, William King, has worked for 26 years, hails from!), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), The Department of Transportation (DOT), The Transportation Security Agency (TSA), The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) not to mention state-level police departments from our state of Maine to California.

So, my point? The Maine goes, so does the a double edged sword in respectability in this case. Because even though this executive order is good in providing SOME safety measures for our children and a good example for others to follow and Governor LePage is to be commended for doing something to address this evil corruption, the very fact that it is needed to be written in the first place speaks volumes of how twisted and corrupt allot of our state employees/officials really are! 



  1. This begs the question “where is accountability?” No official will address this issue! They are concerned with their “political career.” It is time for Maine people to see how the Legislators conduct their own actions of ignoring public presentations of written evidence and how they believe in their own favoritism of fellow legislators and attorneys. The Governor can issue all the executive orders he wants, nothing will change without accountability…they are quick to prosecute, persecute innocent victims, but continue to shield their own.
    Are you comfortable paying the salaries of these state employees? Would you get away with this at your place of employment?
    The original Constitution of the State of Maine (1820) states in part in Article V, Part First, Executive Power, Section 8: “He [Governor] shall nominate, and, with the advice and consent of the Council, appoint all judicial officers, the Attorney General, the Sheriffs, Coroners, Registers of Probate and Notaries Public…

  2. I am not surprised. Wife swapping surrounds every cop, judge, and school teacher in my case. The State employees and officers of the court are engulfed in this in northern Colorado. My mentors remind me that wife swapping by judges with those who got my daughters is not illegal. It nows seems clear to me that these individuals think long and hard to keep their activities in the realm of still legal. And that our children are their children, for whatever purpose they want.