Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Marvelous Message of Liberty!

Please listen to the video below through to the end as that not only will you get the full message but you'll also be able to click on 2 links to listen to 2 great songs by this wonderful artist, Jordan Page. One of them being "Arm Yourselves". Jordan is not only a very gifted musician, but a great supporter of liberty and freedom. He is a member of an organization that I belong to called "Oath Keepers" which is supporting Jordan in getting his music out to mainstream America and the world.

Please, do go and read about Jordan and his message as well as listen to his fantastic music. You will at least be entertained. If you can, also help support him in getting his message and wonderful music out to the public by donating anything you can. If it can't be financially, then do what I have done and that's to blog, tweet, facebook and share this message where ever and however you can.

Thank you and may you and yours be blessed!

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