Saturday, December 19, 2015

Religious Double Standards In US Schools

I have several concerning questions here.

1) Why is it that our children are prohibited from reciting the Pledge of Allegiance because it states in it: "under God", but yet in a calligraphy lesson can copy a Muslim statement of faith known as the Shahada which translates to “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah” in Arabic?

2) Why are our schools teaching about other religions but say that the major religion of this country can't be discussed because it violates the principle of church-state separation which, according to the Court, is inferred by the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? Doesn't discussing ANY religion do this?

3) Why are our schools teaching Islam/Muslim doctrine that is in opposition to our American way of life? And again, see question #2.

4) And why are our schools teaching RELIGION any way if it's not only violating the principle of church-state separation but also that is supposed to be the responsibility of parents and churches?

We need to stop our schools from teaching religious doctrine to our children. We also need to tell our schools that if certain children/parents object to their children reciting a pledge or having a moment of prayer/silence, then tell their children to not do it. But this is OUR way of life here in America and it's not up for debate that it'll be done in our schools. You don't like it, than don't participate. But don't expect us to change the way we do things just because you've moved here with a different way of life, or disagree with certain wording or have a different religious or political viewpoint. Having a moment of prayer is NOT promoting ANY particular religion/doctrine. It's just giving the children a moment to address their soulful needs.

I don't understand the religious angle because the God mentioned in our pledge doesn't state a particular God, it's just God...period. And the last time I checked, that's pretty generic and even Muslims believe in a god! If you're an atheist, then just leave out those particular words. And as far as a moment of prayer, last I knew, all religions have prayers in one form or another, so I see no problem with it since prayer in of itself is not promoting any particular religion/doctrine. And again, if you're an atheist, then don't pray. Just use this time for quiet reflection.

If your problem with the pledge is a political one, then don't participate in it, period. Also, if your reason for a moment of prayer is political because you believe that schools aren't suppose to be promoting religious doctrine (which prayer in of itself doesn't!), then don't pray during this moment. Just as stated above, use it as a moment of quiet reflection. Besides, MOST schools, instead of calling it a moment of prayer, changed it and stated it as a moment of silence, because of all the hubbub of dissent.

I'm really sick and tired of other cultures, religious beliefs/doctrines and political disagreement/dissent coming here into OUR American way of life and DEMANDING us to change it to suit them. If we Americans went over to THEIR homelands and tried doing the same thing there, they'd say "No, we won't change OUR ways. If you don't like it then leave". And that's as it should be. So why in the hell do these immigrants expect any difference from us?

If I want my children to know about other religious beliefs than what I believe in, I'LL teach them or expose them to it. If I want my children to know about different political views other than what I believe in, I'll teach them about it. This is what parents, GOOD parents, do! We teach our children that there are many flavors of life, good and bad (but mostly good!) and then explain why we feel as we do about it so that when our children grow up they are knowledgeable enough to make their own choices.

So here's my next question:
5) Since when has our government and public schools become our children's parents and since when have we, the parents gave them that job/responsibility? I know I never did!

With all this said, there is one LAST set of questions:
6) When did we Americans stop believing that our way of life, our beliefs and our rights are important and that they can be arbitrarily given away or taken away just because we are tolerant of other different religious and political viewpoints? Being tolerant of these things is one thing. But letting these differing viewpoints dictate to us and take over or change our way of life is quite another!
The statement...America, love it or leave it...definitely takes on a greater meaning now, doesn't it? Because if you can't be tolerant of OUR way of life, then why in the hell should we allow you to benefit from our good graces and tolerance and have a better life that our way of life provides?

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