Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Obama's Been Going Behind the States Governments Backs In Placing Muslim Refugees In USA

UPS Plane-This will curl your hair...MUSLIM REFUGEES IN THE NIGHT. Remember the Bus in the Night with Refugees on a Secret UPS Plane? Here is the follow-up on that video.
Unbelievable What Obama is Doing!!

Now Obama well knows that Americans are up in arms about these refugees not being properly and fully vetted BEFORE we allow them into this country. He also knows that many state governors are very concerned about this and aren't allowing these un-vetted Muslim refugees into their states after what happened in Paris because of ISIS smuggling terrorist operatives in as Syrian refugees. So, Obama goes behind the states governments' backs and places these refugees with the help of civilian organizations such as the Catholic churches. Now, the question is ...WHY? Is Obama using these "possible" disguised ISIS operatives and many grateful and very Islamic sympathizing young men refugees to staff his "Civilian National Security Force"? What Civilian National Security Force? What are you talking about, you ask? Glad you asked! Listen to the following videos.

Maybe these possible smuggled ISIS operatives and many young thankful and Islamic sympathizing men refugees (and other trained Islamics right here in America) are the members being trained for Obama's civilian army that will be just as well trained, equipped  and funded as our US Military is and then will be used AGAINST "We the People" in furthering King Obama's objective to disarm us Americans! Now maybe the government's stockpiling of all those billions of hollow point bullets (which are illegal to use for war purposes by International Law) and its acquisition of heavily armored personnel carriers, repatriated from the Iraqi and Afghani theaters of operation starts to make sense! What better way to equip the King's civilian army, eh? And what better way to disarm Americans, bring them to their knees and bring in the Muslim's Sharia Law and control of America? Because these trained civilian army members will come in force to confiscate our guns and if we refuse then they will execute us on the spot, no trial. Then once they strip us of our guns, they will command you to renounce Jesus Christ (or YOUR God) and submit to Islam and Allah. If you refuse, they will kill your family first before they kill you. We the People will be the New Holocaust, it will be genocide of all Christians and other faiths outside of Islam. And there is no guarantee that if you submit to Islam that they won't still kill you and make your wife and children their slaves, white, black or hispanic. Syrians will think nothing of pulling a trigger on Infidels, let that sink in. They don't call it an Islamic JIHAD for nothing and they will stop at NOTHING to kill the infidels on behalf of Mohammad and Allah! And guess who are the infidels? Anyone not a Muslim! Are YOU a Muslim? If not, then you should be VERY concerned and asking allot of questions of your government at the very least right about now! The conspiracy theorists aren't so very "nutty" anymore under this light of circumstances now are they?! 

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