Thursday, July 21, 2016

Young Black Trump Voter Destroys BLM And Leftist Movement- WOW!

This young black man GETS IT! He's not just a low informative citizen, and I hope his words resonate within the black community so that they will stop buying into the hype and propaganda that our government and mainstream media uses to divide us....thus ultimately conquer us!
WTG young man! You've restore my faith in the younger generation that there's still hope for America yet!

Trump hasn’t alienated minorities – he’s alienated low information voters.
Let’s just look at who liberals say Donald Trump has alienated: mainly Mexicans and Muslims. And how did he “alienate” them? By opposing illegal immigration and Islamic terrorism. In other words, by enforcing laws that already exist and fulfilling his constitutional duty to protect the nation. How horrifying.
We’re also supposed to believe that he somehow alienated the black community, but I don’t think anyone can explain a single thing that he’s done to do that. One video at a Trump rally is going viral, showing a black Trump supporter who believes that Black Lives Matter is horrible for his community.
Undoubtedly there are liberals out there who thinks that he shouldn’t support Trump for the sole reason that he’s black. Liberals are the only ones who think that all blacks think the same.
- By Freedom Daily

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