Saturday, August 6, 2016

Letter to Donald J Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,
I'm a service connected disabled Vietnam Era veteran (USMC) and served my country with honor and pride. I'm mostly a conservative but am very independent and vote my conscience and for what is best for my country.

I just turned 60, am divorced and I'm raising two of my grand children. I am very limited in my funds and am fighting a foreclosure attempt by a bank who didn't care that my original mortgage lender Countrywide tricked me into being behind in my payments by saying that I needed to be 90 days in arrears to qualify for HAMP so that I would either have to accept THEIR remodification plan or face foreclosure! I've fought for SEVEN years and it looks like I have won ...for now. But I know the bank will try again. 

The point here is, all this has drained my finances and I barely get by and live from payday to payday with hopes that nothing major happens in-between. I even have a hard time to come up with money to fix my only car (needs a new head which will cost about $1500.00 to fix), so I've been without my Jeep for about a year now. But, with all this, I just cannot bear the thought of losing any more of the freedoms that I served in the Marines to help preserve for my country by having Hillary Clinton become president. So, I can only spare $25.00...I really hope that it'll be of some help in aiding you to beat her and get elected because you are our country's ONLY hope right now of staying a true republic and keep the freedoms that our Constitution provides us.

PLEASE...don't disappoint us. Get elected, stay true to your words of hope and to our Constitution and do the job that you are promising us that you'll do....and don't disappoint us like the past 4 presidents have done!
I will be voting for you come election day.

Best regards, 

Debby Reagan

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