Sunday, November 13, 2016

Why Isn't Hillary Requesting HER Supporters To Respect The Election Results?

My questions are these: Clinton, before the voting results came in, said before a rally of supporters: "Trump refused to say that he'd RESPECT the results of this election (and the people booed this)...Now, make no mistake, by doing that, he is threatening our democracy"...and the people cheered! So, if Ms. Clinton is SO much for this country and our REPUBLIC (not DEMOCRACY) and the people, why isn't she all over the newsmedia requesting that HER supporters do this? Why isn't she telling them that these riots and violence is NOT acceptable and they ARE THREATENING our Republic and that they MUST RESPECT the results of this election? Because, as ALWAYS...there's a double set of standards when it comes to the democrats and the rest of as we say, not as we do...and WE'RE privileged... you're not! They are more entitled because they are right and above the law and that, my friends is WHY Trump got elected! The rest of America doesn't accept this way of thinking and thus, we have Trump & the republican Senate & House! You liberal leftists brought this on yourselves and have only yourselves to blame... the rest of us have spoken and have firmly spanked your childish behinds! liberal leftists have just been proven WRONG! REGULAR MAINSTREAM AMERICANS have spoken....PERIOD! And after the criminal we call our present "president" no longer sits in the're going to see it like it truly hold onto the bottom of your seats and buckle up tightly, liberal're about to take a ride on the Great American Patriot Express train  and you're in for one hell of a righteous eye popping experience because us mainstream Americans are mad as hell and aren't going to take it anymore!

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