Thursday, January 5, 2017

Yet ANOTHER Black On White Crime, Politically Motivated, On A SPECIAL NEEDS Man!

If this had been a bunch of WHITE 18 year olds beating a BLACK SPECIAL NEEDS  man for 30 MINUTES saying "f#ck black people" and "f#ck Hillary", the police wouldn't be "questioning" whether it was a HATE crime with political motives, they'd be saying it was without doubt! 
So, where is the mainstream media's outrage? Where is the country's outrage? Why is this acceptable in ANYONE'S mind? This is not only wrong, it's VERY disturbing that this is considered by ANYONE as a way to express their political dissent and racist views! The young black adults who committed this vicious HATE and politically motivated crime shouldn't get away with it because of their "age". They should be treated like any other "adult" and stand before the full weight of the law and be judged accordingly!

If you’re keeping score, those who are intolerantly rejecting the populist movement and rise of conservatism are showing themselves to be worse. All of the political rhetoric against individuals like Bannon for supposedly embracing racial supremacy, these young people have become so inspired by the negative rhetoric that they beat a young special needs man.
In what world is this justified? What was going through these kids heads?
This is the danger of intense rhetoric. When leftwing celebrities, political figures, and talking heads in the media all feed apocalyptic visions of the future under President-elect Donald Trump, they’re having a real world effect on people. By making people feel like the end is near and their life is under threat, they’re pushing impressionable people to unspeakable acts. This is the result of partisan hyperbole and preying on people’s emotions.
It’s not the conservative right that is making the situation in society worse. It’s the intolerant left. (Emphasis mine) - Chris Dixon - The Liberty Conservative 

Well said, Chris!

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