Wednesday, January 23, 2013

NYPD Union Head Makes Gun Control Argument For Us!

In a statement made by Norman Seabrook, president of the correction officers union, he states that “As a law enforcement officer for over 20 years, I understand the importance of instituting a new policy on mandating the limits of bullets that a regular citizen can possess, but as a matter of fact the bad guys are not going to follow this law”. Well, that's just what we 'regular citizens" have been saying all along! This law bans law abiding citizens from being able to defend ourselves as the bad guys don't give a rat's a$$ as they are BAD GUYS and don't follow the laws anyways!

What burns my tail feathers is this...

it takes a few minutes for law enforcement to arrive on the scene, plenty long enough for a bad guy with more than 7-10 rounds of ammo AND will most likely have an assault weapon to accomplish his task , so us "regular" citizens are left to either be at a great disadvantage with less ammo and if the ban on assault weapons go through, lessor fire power....or break the law and be considered a criminal ourselves!
And for what reason? Because the fascist liberals using the tragedy at SandyHook Elementary school to scare the American people to further their agenda to take away our 2nd amendment right! 

Duane Lester of Liberty News says it best;
"Norman Seabrook refers to you and I as "regular citizens," you know, mouth breathing, trigger happy morons who don't know how to handle a gun. He says he understands why "regular citizens" need to have their rights curbed. But then he says retired cops should get to have more bullets because the fact is, the bad guys aren't going to follow the law. No kidding, genius? Why do you think us "regular citizens" want to have more than seven bullets?"

So thank you Mr. Seabrook for making our argument for us who have been saying all along that this law will do nothing to stop these situations from happening, but will only serve to make ALL us more vulnerable! 


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