Saturday, January 26, 2013

State Integrity Investigation - Report Cards

There are only FOUR other states worse than Maine!!!! This proves what myself, Unmasker For Maine, and many others who have had to deal with the Maine courts, legislators, governmental officials and agencies have been screaming about from the mountain tops for a very long time now! It's time that We, the People of Maine change this!! Send this report card to your reps so they can see what a poor job they and others in this state are doing and demand they address to rectify this!
Governor LePage

Chellie Pingree - 1st District US Congresswoman

Michael Michaud - 2nd District US Congressman
Susan Collins - US Senator
Angus King - US Senator
Maine Senators

Review your state's corruption risk report card and email it to your state officials. Track reform and play your part in more open and accountable state government on our Reform Efforts page

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