Friday, February 15, 2013

More Liberal Lies....Bangor Daily News Told A BIG One!

Following a NY newspaper's lead (The Journal News), the Bangor Daily News asked, through a FOAA (Freedom of Access Act) request to police agencies throughout the state (of Maine), for their lists of concealed weapon holders. This request caused outrage throughout the Maine legislature and caused a bill to address the public ease of acquiring these lists to be drawn up and be brought to the legislature as an emergency bill.

Now, I have several questions. The first being, why would anyone at the BDN think it'd be good to follow the lead of that NY newspaper to request this list after all the outrage direct to that paper for putting people's lives at risk from the nutjobs and criminal elements out there and really think that this would be a good idea? If they believe so, then maybe we Mainers should really consider boycotting BDN and tell them in no uncertain terms that we believe their job is to report the news, not create it!
And the next set of questions are...after all the outrage shown by Mainers about this request by the BDN and they reported to the AP that "it never intended to publish the names" they really think we Mainers are that dumb and gullible to believe that outrageous lie? If they weren't going to publish the names, then what WERE they going to do with it? Why would a NEWSPAPER, who gathers information to report on, gather the names of concealed weapon holders and just sit on that info? What would they want that kind of information for if not to report it? The obvious reason is the simple and logical one, because they fully planned on publishing the names, just as The Journal News did. They just didn't count on the fierce, independent nature of us Mainers to come out as fast and furious as it did! Well BDN, NOW you know! Even though it seems that Maine prefers to be vastly a liberal voting state, it doesn't mean that we also believe in the fascist belief of gun ownership, which is ...that there shouldn't be any for us common folk! You have shown your true colors BDN....and it sure isn't red, white & blue!!!!

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