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The British Are Coming - The British Are Coming - AGAIN!

I watched the interview between Piers Morgan and Ted Nugent and just wanted to strangle Morgan! First, what in the blue blazers is Morgan doing sticking his friggin blimey British nose into us Americans' second amendment right to bear arms? What does HE know about it? Except for the fact that a very well armed American citizenry beat his country's a$$ in 1776? Ahhhh... there might be the answer! Couldn't beat us then, but help take away our guns now, there might be a way to possibly take it back? Well Mr. Morgan, once again, a British citizen under estimates us Americans and our love for freedom!
(Note: It has come to my attention and it seems that a few Brits have missed the satire in my title and text above about the British trying to come back and take over America! I do NOT actually believe this, as I know that the Brits learned their lesson well the FIRST time they tried and are not stupid enough to try again!!!! So RELAX Brits, it's just SATIRE! Read the rest of this article below for the meat of the subject!!!!)
And I would love to debate this with you! As knowledgeable as Mr. Nugent is, he just didn't have some facts to answer back some of your so called, figures. Well, I do! Here goes.
Your point about America having the highest gun ownership rate per capita (88 per 100) with Yemen being second (55 per 100) and that Mr. Nugent couldn't possibly say that it's safer having lots of guns due to the unstableness and crime happening in Yemen, is not giving the full picture because of the following reasons:
1) The following countries who are 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th in high gun ownership per capita do NOT have the same troubles as Yemen...they are Switzerland (46 per 100), Finland (45 per 100), Cyprus (36 per 100), Saudi Arabia (35 per 100) and Iraq (34 per 100) according to a small arms survey compiled in 2007.
2) You managed to leave out a very important piece of information regarding to the fact that even though there is a high rate of gun ownership here in America, when it comes to the firearm homicide rate, the United States doesn’t even make the top 25. According to figures collected by the United Nations’ Office on Drugs and Crime through its annual crime survey, 9,146 Americans were victims of a firearm homicide in the most recent year. That translates to a rate of 2.97 firearm homicides per 100,000 population, only the 27th highest rate in the world.
3) It is interesting to note that not only does the United States have a relatively low homicide rate compared to its gun ownership rate, but Switzerland, which ranks third in the civilian gun ownership rate, has only the 46th highest homicide rate, and Finland, with the fourth highest ownership rate, is 63rd on the list.

“The most obnoxious liberal talking points on guns involve the idea that guns, in and of themselves, cause gun violence,” writes CNS News commentator Stephen Gutowski. “In other words, more guns must mean more gun violence.”
But in light of the ownership and homicide figures, he observes: “More guns do not, in fact, mean more gun violence. Guns can be, and commonly are, used in a responsible manner, especially here in the United States.”

And therein lies your problem and lack of validity to your argument Mr. Morgan. The vast majority of gun owners here in America are law abiding and responsible owners with their firearms! And yes, it's very important to us to have our citizens armed, cause it keeps other countries from invading us because they know it's impossible to fight a whole country of armed citizens (as Britain found out!!)! But you will NEVER get this, EVER! Because after all, you're British, and have absolutely NO bloody clue as to how important it is to remain armed to keep from having a tyrannical government from abusing its citizens! 
You can keep saying... God save the Queen....
we'll keep our guns and say... God save America (which means its PEOPLE) ...TYVM!!!
I put the link to this post on Piers Morgan Tonight FB page, and even though Mr. Morgan has of yet responded (I really never thought he would anyways cause we all know it's not HIM who is smart enough to know any of this info, but members of his staff who do!), there were a couple of unknowledgeable Brits who decided to put their tuppence worth in, which I now include here:

  • Andy Fidler typical hysteria.
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  • Pete Bromley Paranoia - Paranoia is a thought process believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory beliefs, or beliefs of conspiracy concerning a perceived threat towards oneself. (e.g. "Everyone is out to get me.").
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  • Debby Reagan seem to miss the SATIRE!!! I don't really believe that the British are coming Andy & was a 'tongue in cheek' comment to show that Piers has no business sticking his nose into whether or not us Americans should have our right to have our firearms not being infringed upon! And you seem to miss the point that Piers argument about gun control being an effective way to curb crimes committed with guns is totally wrong! Get past the satire of my post's title (which it seems neither of you understood!) and read the facts within the article that proves Pier's assertion wrong! GEESH!
  • Pete Bromley Yes I've missed the satire because you are wrong!
  • Debby Reagan Apparently not, as figures don't lie! And these are facts stated by others other than Americans! And if Piers can state part of these facts and be right...then the other facts of the same report that he conveniently left out must, by logic, be correct too!
  • Terrylewis Sherry Debby , they don't get it. THey chime in on everything, saying we are paranoid yet they are here every single day in another countries business because they are scared. They have to know whats going on, every moment.
  • Pete Bromley No Terry lewis, its not that, it's because it's fun. And by the way the web page is called 'Piers Morgan Tonight' and not 'Piers Morgan Tonight and only Yanks can comment!'
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    • Debby Reagan Ok Pete, let me state what Terrylewis was meaning in plain ENGLISH for you to understand! You say I'm wrong, but don't point out WHERE I'm wrong. There is no meaningful, knowledgeable response to my statement. 
      Am I wrong in the facts I stated? 
      Am I w
      rong about us Americans' second amendment right? 
      Am I wrong that Piers only took one wee bit of fact from a report that shored up his skewed viewpoint and conveniently left out the rest that destroyed it? 
      Am I wrong that some of you Brits have absolutely no clue as to the importance of our gun ownership to us and how we take it very seriously and guard it very jealously? 
      Am I wrong in saying that more guns do not, in most cases (especially here in America), necessarily equate to more gun violence? 
      If so to any of the forementioned questions, then explain how I am wrong, and give actual facts to back up your reasoning, not just by saying I'm wrong, or spouting out insults or psychological babble which has nothing to do with my facts (and everything to do with the missed satire on your end!). Then maybe we here in America will think that just maybe, there might be some intelligent life there in Brittain after all!!

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  1. Piers Morgan waffles on the Jimmy Savile (child abuse scandal). He boasts that he knew the man only to deny knowing him during Jimmy's scandal. This man will say anything.