Thursday, April 18, 2013

Independent Foreclosure Review Settlement Paperwork

This is the paperwork that came with my check.
Please note that:
1) Nowhere is there a statement in the letter that says "By cashing this check you release the bank from any other prosecution" some are saying; and
2) there is a statement that says: This payment does not mean that you necessarily suffered financial injury or harm. (Nice way to try and get out of being held accountable in future court proceedings, eh?)

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  1. Under the remediation we were suppose to have the foreclosure removed from our credit. This was a lie. Just like everything else they said. I got paper saying I never requested a modification. Not only did I apply for one. I was denied, and then told Chase bought my loan so I had to apply again. I was denied again. I called Chase after I found out about the fraud, and they never bought my loan. Also the amount we were paid does not begin to pay what everyone suffered from loosing their home. Not only that but I can not buy a home until it is off my credit report. My report is perfect except for that. It says in the frame work that this was going to be part of the remediation for my issue. I called the office of the CEO and President and spoke to a customer advocate named James Berry. He was suppose to help me with this issue, However, He was very rude and said it wasn't happening, and it was my fault for not paying my mortgage. I told him i never missed a payment for over ten years until they tried to raise it higher than i even made a month. I told him i was lied to and told chase bought my loan so that i had to wait over a year for answers from both banks as to whether i was going to get the modification. Long enough so i would not be able to come up with the money to catch up. When i ordered the paper work from my file and found out they said we never applied for a modification, i was outraged. The OCC or FBR is no better. They are just as guilty if you ask me. Me and my husband worked for years to save the money to buy our home. We did not deserve this, like millions of other Americans. Face it everyone, We were screwed and there is nothing anyone is going to do about it.