Thursday, April 18, 2013

Racial Double Standards

You know, I understand and abhor the history of black slavery here in America and that there is still some who treat people wrongly because of their skin color today. With that said...I want to point out that there seems to have been a slant that either has gone unnoticed....or people are afraid to voice, because of the fact that the history of black people's troubles here in America was so horrendous that it just can't be compared to so don't even bother to state the obvious because it can't compare and it's ok for us but it isn't for you because you were the ones who did it to us first and worse! Well, I've never been the one to be so politically correct that when I see injustice and racial bias to keep my opinions to myself...and I'm not about to start now!
You may say, what in the hey is she talking about? Well, here it is.

Remember 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida who was shot by George Zimmerman on February 26 in 2012? Now, I thought (and still do!) that this was just a very sad tragedy and that too much of this happens so unneedlessly today. While watching this....I said to watch...instead of this staying as a tragic happening that had a lot of misunderstanding involved... the black community is going to play the "race card" and make this into a black-white thing. And sure enough...that is EXACTLY what was done! Nevermind that Zimmerman is not just white, but is also Latino....he LOOKS white, so we'll ignore that he isn't totally so and just blame the whites for this as we all know, it's the white man's fault just as it always has been because look at the not so distant past history of slavery!

So, the Black Panthers put out a bounty on Zimmerman and threatened his life. And what was the reaction by most everyone? Oh, well, that's insignificant because most people condemn the group anyways. Excuse me? Then tell me why is it, that when most people condemn the KKK, if the KKK would put out a bounty on a black person, it would be taken seriously and newsworthy enough to be shouted about for days on end? (Racial double standards!) When you see someone being threatened by a group of extremists just because his skin is of a different color... even WHITE....then it's racist thinking and wrong...PERIOD!

Now, Zimmerman was furthered vilified because Martin was touted as “a good kid, a mild-mannered kid with no criminal record whatsoever" by the Sanford Police Department, the media and his parents. So now, Zimmerman not only shot a BLACK youth, but one that was a very good black youth, so he's the devil incarnate! And everybody else got on board with this and the media ran on this platform with its news reports ad nauseum for days! Well guess what folks? Martin wasn't the little angel everybody made him out to be! "For a variety of reasons, none of them good, elements within the SPD and the Miami-Dade School District Police Department, or M-DSPD, conspired to keep Martin’s criminal history buried. Martin had been suspended twice already that school year (2011/12) for offenses that should have gotten him arrested – once for getting caught with a burglary tool and a dozen items of female jewelry, the second time for getting caught with marijuana and a marijuana pipe. In each case, the case file on Martin was fudged to make the crime less serious than it was". What? Everybody hiding the fact that this youth had a criminal record but was skating by and not being held responsible or accountable for his actions because there was and is pressure from the black community to stop suspending black youths in schools? "School districts across the country had been feeling pressure from the nation’s race hustlers to think twice before disciplining black students. Last year, the White House formalized the pressure with an executive order warning school districts to avoid “methods that result in disparate use of disciplinary tools.” Yes, this is exactly what is happening as is evident by Jesse Jackson addressing a large April 1, 2012, rally in Sanford, Florida. He implied that Martin had been profiled by his high school for being a black male and suspended for the same reason. “We must stop suspending our children,” Jackson told the crowd.

So, what did all this pressure do? It made a police department FALSIFY police reports so Martin's true record (along with other black youths) couldn't be known! Let's see here...Martin is a known criminal to his school, thus his parents had to have known, he apparently was into drugs...and just days after his non-arrest, he was allowed to wander the streets of Sanford high and alone... looking, in Zimmerman’s immortal words, “like he’s up to no good or he’s on drugs or something.” Looks like Zimmerman called THAT one right, eh?

Had this happened the other way around...and a black man had shot a white youth who was touted as a good boy with no criminal record at all...and it came out later that he did have one, and that his actions on that day could have caused that black man some rightful bet that the black community would be shouting to the tree tops about racial bias in the white community for falsifying the youth's criminal records and not reporting it and then blaming the black man for shooting the youth when he was only trying to keep his community safe and the media would fall all over itself in reporting this. So, where is the media now? Why aren't they falling all over themselves in reporting that Zimmerman might of actually had a very good reason to be concerned and suspicious? That maybe, just maybe, he WAS being beaten up and just trying to defend himself? They aren't...and why? Because it was a WHITE (?) man who shot a BLACK youth, that's why! And God forbid that we tell the WHOLE story...and maybe put a black youth in the correct light, or at least a more correct light! THAT my dear called... RACIAL DOUBLE STANDARDS!

Now, don't get me wrong here. I'm not saying that the shooting isn't tragic....because it is. And I'm not saying that Zimmerman was totally correct in his response to the circumstances at hand. What I AM saying is this...there is a SLANT now (and for some time) in our country of black racism towards whites and that it's being tolerated as ok because whites have done it towards blacks in the past. And if whites dare to complain, we are the racist ones and demonized as bad and not worthy of complaining because we did it in the past! Well my friend, racism is matter what the color, and should be shouted from the roof tops when it occurs so that it can be addressed. Racial double standards cannot be tolerated and the news media has to be unbiased and not dictated to by any ONE racial group as to shining a light upon it and reporting it! And for how long are the white people going to be held accountable for the past? I mean, really now. It wasn't the whites today who had slaves. It wasn't the whites today who treated black slaves horribly. How exactly are we to move onwards towards racial equality if the blacks continue to live in the past and point the finger of blame towards others? There comes a point when one must move beyond the blame and work towards making peace. And playing the "race card" whenever something happens to a black person and shouting accusations against other races that turn out to not be so true, isn't conducive towards meeting that end result of equality. It only serves to inflame the racial divide issue and keep the fires of racism alive!

So, I'm standing up...and not being so "politically correct" and doing what is right and shining a light upon a racial inequality and reporting it. It's time now for those of us who are not black to stand up when a racial injustice is done to us and say it's wrong and demand that it is reported loud and clear, so that ALL racial injustice towards ALL races is denounced and not acceptable...and not just for the black race!!

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