Monday, June 3, 2013

Governor LePage...Do Away With The Maine Income Tax Already!

Governor LePage, you say that you want to do away with income taxes in Maine. Well, what are you waiting for?You don't need the legislature to approve it because 1)the 16th Amendment that gave the government the right was never properly ratified (I've researched this and have proof that this is right: and 2) how much further proof do you need then to have a US Rep say paying taxes is voluntary...and having Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller AGREE to that? You can't get much better proof than that IMHO!!!!

Just do away with it because it's your job to make sure that the laws are followed....and with the 16th amendment not properly ratified, the government doesn't have authority to tax our income and with the US Legislature and the IRS Commissioner admitting that paying income taxes is a VOLUNTARY program, then no one can LAWFULLY make the people pay it!
Do your job as the Maine State Constitution directs you to do: Article V, Section 12. Shall enforce the laws. The Governor shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed...and make the decision NOT to carry on with a practice that is perpetrated under the color of the law!

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