Tuesday, June 4, 2013


FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe says the IRS scandal is twice as bad as Watergate because of the breathtaking extent the agency was used to target conservative organizations filing for tax-exempt status as well as their donors.

“Watergate was an example of abuse of power by a few very powerful people, including the chief executive and the specific targeting of a few specific enemies,” Kibbe told WND. “In this case, you have an institution-wide bias, a widely known understanding that the IRS was targeting people based on their politics and their political philosophy. It was known for several years and yet it continued and it continued, and so you have one of the most powerful agencies of the federal government, as policy, going after the citizens, the mom-and-pop community leaders. They weren’t powerful.  They weren’t in a position to fight back. It was a widely known thing among tea partiers for years, and now the rest of America is finding out about it.”

Kibbe said the details emerging about this scandal suggest far more high-ranking officials were aware of the IRS policy toward conservative groups than the Obama administration is willing to admit.

“The story coming out of the White House and the trail back to the top of the executive branch continues to grow and the story continues to change, and we still don’t know who knew what,” Kibbe said. “The path of authority is quite clear here. The IRS is part of the Treasury Department. The head of the Treasury Department reports directly to the president of the United States. For the Obama White House or even the Treasury Department to claim that they knew nothing about that, either they’re grossly incompetent or they’re not being honest and that’s what we need to get to the bottom of.”

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