Saturday, May 17, 2014

Erick Bennett for United States Senate

INFORMED voting is a MUST
for government to gain back Americans' TRUST!
It is intelligence that a politician will lack,
if he thinks that We the People won't take our country back
because of his corrupt and evil ways
Just remember back of the good old 1776 days.
We did it then that's all she wrote
So politicians beware of We the People's vote!
- Debby Reagan

If you live in Maine and are in the southern district, please consider voting for Eric Bennett for US Senator instead of Susan Collins! Thank you!

Erick Bennett for United States Senate

Erick Bennett is the founder and director of the Maine Equal Rights Center, an organization devoted to restoring our Constitutional rights and raising awareness about current policy issues. Erick Bennett is challenging Susan Collins in the Republican primary on June 10th for the U.S. Senate to offer Republicans a choice and to restore the power of government back to the people. Erick is running in the Republican primary as a declared write in candidate registered with the state of Maine and Federal Elections Commission.  Winning the primary will automatically put him on the ballot in November.

Erick Bennett on the Issues

Gun Rights – Erick Bennett believes the only people not allowed to protect themselves are slaves and prisoners. Susan Collins has voted for all of Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Diane Feinstein’s gun grabbing laws and stripped our Veterans of their gun rights for talking to their doctors about symptoms of PTSD.

Budget - Here is how we eliminate poverty in 5 years: cut ALL federal spending on departments, agencies and programs that are not authorized by the U.S. Constitution and return those trillions of dollars back to the states. Problem solved. Susan Collins voted for s256 making it harder for people to erase debt by declaring bankruptcy, but she voted for all the stimulus packages and bailouts forcing taxpayers to bail out the "to big to fail" corporations. That is not fair or equal and is certainly not in the best interest of the people of Maine. Susan Collins also voted for the "bipartisan" budget deal that just cut our Veterans pensions by 6 billion dollars and gave 4 billion in tax credits to illegal aliens.
“I would never support this as it only grows the government and supports unsustainable debt. I will not support any new taxes or spending. I will not fund anything that the U.S. Constitution does not authorize me to.” – Erick Bennett

Energy – The people of Maine really need to know about Susan Collins energy strategy. Collins just voted to ban 80 percent of all wood stoves on the market, regulate cow farts (yes you read that right) and to regulate almost every single cook stove sold, all in the name of climate change (a.k.a. global warming). Remember that short and warm winter we just had…..Then, once these regulations have passed Collins is voting to force crony capitalist green energy laws on us.

Medicare - A bipartisan group of 40 senators recently sent a letter to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) urging the Medicare agency to protect seniors by maintaining current payment levels in 2015. Unfortunately Susan Collins did not find this to be a useful letter as she was not one of the 40 to sign it. The U.S. government is going to make deep cuts for insurer-run Medicare plans in 2015 which will mean higher co-pays and fewer benefits for seniors. Erick will oppose any cuts made to our seniors and will fight to keep payments at a minimum.

Obama Care – Do not comply, end of story.

Parental Rights – Susan Collins voted to allow 13 year old girls that have been sexually assaulted to cross state lines and get an abortion with the rapist giving the medical consent. This allows the rapist to avoid being charged and convicted. When you hear about all the rapes that go unreported this is why. If elected, Erick will work on protecting those rights under the Tenth Amendment.

Free Trade - Erick believes in free trade and is strongly opposed to protectionism. “I do not believe NAFTA or CAFTA are in our best interests. These policies increased the size of government, eroded U.S. sovereignty, and are unconstitutional. The more jobs we ship overseas the worse our economy becomes.” – Erick Bennett

Foreign Aid – “I will not vote for any funding of foreign aid as it is not authorized in the U.S. Constitution.” – Erick Bennett. The only foreign aid Erick believes the American government should provide is humanitarian for disaster relief. It’s time to end the welfare to countries that do not like us, and give that money back to the states.

Civil Rights – Collins supports the NDAA, & Patriot Act two programs which have stripped Americans of more of their constitutional rights than any other program in the past 40 years. “I will not support any of these measures.” – Erick Bennett

Marriage Equality – Erick’s view on marriage equality is very simple. When marriage fidelity poster child President Bill Clinton signed DOMA into law he legalized discrimination. Since it was a federal law that caused the problem it is a federal law that must be repealed.
This can be summed up in three points.
1. Marriage is not a right; you need a license to get married. You don't need a license for your rights.
2. Rights are not benefits. We don't want to give up our rights to limit and control the federal government in exchange for benefits (which can be cut) from the government.
3. Changing state law does not change federal law. All changing state law does is legitimize the discrimination President Clinton enacted so that when a state changes the legal definition it allows that state to join a class action lawsuit against the federal government. Since passing same sex marriage does not lead to equality we must ask what it does. Same sex marriage only legalizes discrimination.

Education – The U.S. Constitution provides a specific set of enumerated powers that the government may spend money on. Education is not one of them. Erick Bennett is opposed to Common Core and his organization the Maine Equal Rights Center is putting it to a Citizens Initiative to repeal Common Core in our state.

***For more information or to help with the campaign: Erick Bennett 415 Congress Street Suite 202 Portland, ME 04102 207-776-2648

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