Monday, February 23, 2015

Stop Obama's Plan To Tax and Control The Internet Before 02/26/15!

The FCC will vote this Thursday, February 26th, on Obama's plan to tax and censor the internet.
The FCC is a five-member panel with 3 Democrats and 2 Republicans, so we already know that this rigged vote will fall in favor of Obama's so-called "Net Neutrality" plan.
The only way that you can stop Obama from taxing your internet use and shutting down your favorite conservative Christian websites through censorship is by convincing Congress to intervene.
HR 279 is a bill that would limit the FCC's (and Obama's) authority over broadband internet service providers. This bill does an end-run around Obama's entire 332-page secret plan to control the internet.
The bill will allow the Congress, representing "we the people," to keep the internet open and free as it has been for years, rather than allowing Obama to seize control of the web through a regulatory agency.
Call - (202) 225-2927 and/or fax - (202) 225-1919 the House Energy & Commerce Committee and your US House Representatives today and demand that they pass HR 279 immediately! (See bottom of post for an example fax/statement).

We are running out of time before this Thursday vote in the FCC, so you must take action quickly.
Obama is trying to reclassify the internet as a public utility under the Communications Act of 1934.
That original Act was drafted based on shipping regulations that the federal government used in the 1800s. How can these rules possibly apply in a fair manner to 21st century technology such as the internet?
If these rules pass, Obama will have the authority to tax your internet use. Through regulations from the FCC (and soon the FEC, the Federal Elections Commission), he will be able to shut down conservative and Christian websites, everything from the Drudge Report to Pray For US.
This fight is the greatest threat to freedom of speech that America has ever seen!
HR 279 would amend the Communications Act of 1934 so that the FCC cannot tamper with internet service providers as if they are telephone companies.
The internet is an INFORMATION service, not a COMMUNICATIONS service, as Obama and the FCC are trying to claim, and HR 279 will set this in stone.
Tell the House of Representatives to pass Bob Latta's HR 279 immediately to protect the internet from Obama's wishes to be a dictator!
John 3:20 in the Bible tells us, "For every one that does evil hates the light, and will not come to the light, otherwise his deeds would be reproved."
If Obama's plan to impose "net neutrality" is so good for the internet, then why is no one outside of the FCC allowed to see this secret plan before it is passed?
The answer is, Obama's plan is evil. It will crush freedom of speech and will prevent elderly people on fixed incomes from being able to afford the internet. Obama's plan is evil, through and through.
You must speak out immediately and demand that Congress stop Obama's dictatorial internet grab, by passing HR 279 at once!

Calling Obama a dictator on this issue is not an exaggeration. In fact, former FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell says that foreign dictators LOVE Obama's net neutrality plan. Obama is trying to control the internet in the same way that foreign dictators do:  Regulation, taxation and censorship!
Send your demands to stop him right now.

Then, please warn others about this issue, because the mainstream media has completely ignored the fact that Obama is about to tax and censor the internet. Share this info with everyone among your family members, friends and acquaintances who wants to keep the internet open and free.

Charles Benninghoff, Founder
Pray For US
2360 Corporate Circle, Suite 400
Henderson, Nevada 89074-7722
Example fax/statement:

Your First Name Last Name
City, State Zip

Fred Upton
2183 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Chairman Upton:

Obama's secret 332-page plan to regulate, tax and censor the internet under the guise of "Net Neutrality" is the greatest threat to freedom of speech that the United States has ever seen. The fact that Obama is attempting to take over control of the internet through a regulatory agency, rather than trying to do it through a vote of Congress, should tell you all that you need to know about this plan.

From what we know of this secret plan, the FCC will reclassify the internet as a public utility under the Communications Act of 1934. This Act originated from shipping regulations in the 1800s. How can it possibly be applied in a reasonable manner to 21st-century technology?

Furthermore, the Communications Act of 1934 applies to communications services. The internet is not a communication service -- it is an INFORMATION service, which is why the internet has been referred to as an "information super-highway."

You can circumvent Obama's freedom-killing plan to tax and censor the internet by immediately passing HR 279, a bill that would amend the Communications Act of 1934 in order to limit the FCC's ability to meddle with broadband internet service providers.

The internet has been regulation-free for years under bipartisan consensus. Only a truly radical, un-American with a dictator complex would seek to destroy the internet through taxation and censorship. Perhaps that is why one former FCC Commissioner says that foreign dictators love Obama's Net Neutrality scheme.

Do the right thing for America! Pass HR 279 immediately to stop Obama's internet takeover!


(Your First Name Last Name Here)

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