Monday, February 18, 2013

DOJ Admits That Assault Weapons Are Not A Major Contributor To US Gun Homicide

A National Institute of Justice memo states:
My question is this, if the DOJ (Dept. of Justice) knows that assault weapons aren't a major contributor to US gun homicides, then why doesn't Obama, Feinstein, Holder and the rest of the fascist liberals in congress know it too? Reasonable minds can deduce that they actually do know this as this DOJ memo had to be to SOMEONE in the higher eschelons of the government!
So, my next question is this, if the fascist liberals do know this fact, then why are they trying their damnedness to take away assault weapons from law abiding citizens? The most logical reason is because they don't want us regular citizens to have ample fire power against them when they come to break down our doors to take away the REST of our less effective firearms!
Make NO mistake....our government is out to disarm us and will do anything they can to accomplish this feat!

Mike Adams
Natural News
August 15, 2012
At the same time politicians in Washington are openly talking about banning online ammo sales to American citizens, the government itself is arming to the teeth.

And not in a military sense, either: The Department of Homeland Security is stockpiling insane quantities of anti-personnel “hollow-point” ammo of all calibers, including #00 tactical shotgun ammo, anti-personnel pistol rounds and match-grade .308 sniper rounds. As the DHS fights no foreign wars and only has jurisdiction in the United States, the only purpose of this ammo can be for use against the American people.
The most recent DHS solicitation contract is seeking massive quantities of anti-personnel ammunition for the “DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT TRNG CTR.” The PDF document showing this is available at:
We have made a backup copy on NaturalNews at:

An honest politician fears not an armed citizen, but a dishonest one does, and rightly so! And apparently, our government, by stockpiling all this ammo, trying to ban "assault" weapons and using mass shootings like Aurora and SandyHook as fear tactics to achieve this ban,  is showing that they fear us armed citizens! So, by reason and deduction, our government is a DISHONEST one! So do you STILL think that no one is trying to take away our guns and the 2nd Amendment?

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  1. ...and when only the outlaws and government have the guns then what?