Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Another Liberal Lie Exposed!

While Democrats are busy turning the latest manufactured crisis, the looming Sequester, into yet another example of how Republicans are trying to destroy Americans, Bob Woodward made a simple, factual statement.

When Chris Wallace asked him who came up with the sequester, Woodward smiled and said, "It was the White House. It was Obama."

I'm really tired of partisan politics, but more so tired of the liberal fascists, that are what passes as the democratic party, always blaming the republicans for EVERYTHING! When it turns out that either the fascists themselves started it, manufactured it, or just down right lied about the true beginnings or who actually started any "negative" things happening today!
Don't get me wrong, the republicans do their own fair share of wrongdoing! But, the fascists NEVER take ownership of what they do or say, unless it's a positive thing. They always blame the other side for EVERYTHING, even the things they themselves start! Well, THIS interview just shows y'all that this is true!  Can't believe politicians, even if their tongues come notorized! (Because that probably was robo-signed too!!!)

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