Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pro-Lifers' Double Standards

Ok...here's another un-politically correct blog post.
I'm really sick and tired of receiving emails from so called "pro-life" organizations about federal funds being used to fund abortions....but yet they complain when federal funds are to be withheld from any state that discriminates against a hospital, insurance provider, or individual doctors and nurses for refusing to participate in abortion! It's quite ok to federally fund those who won't give a legal form of medical service but not ok to federally fund those who do! That my dear reader...is MEDICAL DOUBLE STANDARDS!

I say that abortion should be put back into the medical arena where it belongs. Take it out of the political, religious and morality arenas and put it into the medical sector where it's between the patient and their doctor and no one else's business!
If you believe that life starts at conception...than that's YOUR belief to have. But you have no right to force your belief upon others!
If your religious belief is that it's wrong to have an abortion, then don't have one. But you have no right to force your religious belief upon others!
If you believe that your tax money shouldn't pay for a medical service that you don't believe in, well I say, welcome to the real world because I have no children in school, but I'm taxed to support an educational system that I don't use! My point is, our taxes pay for things that we don't necessarily agree with or use all the time...get over it!
Like it or not....abortion is LEGAL. As it should be because it's a MEDICAL situation between a woman and her doctor and she has the right to decide how to handle it...period! Your moral and religious beliefs are for YOU and has no right to interfere with another's. I'm really sick and tired of hearing all this religious double standards that it's NOT ok for anyone to interfere with your religious belief system but it's ok for your religious belief system to interfere with other's lives and make decisions for them when they contradict your beliefs!
If federal funds are wrong to fund medical entities that perform a legal medical service then it is also wrong to fund medical entities that refuse to perform that same legal medical service! Then all this starts going down a slippery slope. Because where do you draw the line? 
In some religions, it's not kosher to circumcise baby boys, so should that medical service be done away with? And I don't want to hear, well circumcision is quite different from LIFE...a baby. Well once again, I'll reiterate...that's YOUR belief...whether it be moral or religious, and not necessarily another's. And just because you define life differently, doesn't give you the right to define it for someone else. Life, to be life, as we understand it has to have viability. Viability is being able to live outside the uterus and sustain itself. Until the fetus can do that, it has no life. And an embryo has no capability to be viable at all. So, when you apply your moral and/or religious belief about life before the embryo/fetus can actually sustain it, you give it properties it cannot actually be attributed to have. And once again, it's YOUR religious morality that is assigning these properties and there's absolutely no proof that this is the correct deduction. In fact, there IS physical proof that an eight week old embryo CAN'T sustain viability. 

So what it boils down to is this: Stop making this anyone else's business except that of the patient and the doctor and keep your frigging nose out of other people's business and stop whining about funding LEGAL medical services! It is NONE of YOUR business what others do with their medical decisions. Who the frick died and made YOU God?

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