Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Lesson On The 2nd Amendment

This is exactly correct! And this is what the socialist/marxist liberals don't's not the government's job to defend us against the crooks at our door....or our schools ...or at a cinema....or the park...etc...that's our job AND right. The government's job is protect our air space and borders from being breached by foreign attack. But even then, that can't be done properly without armed citizenry because no attacker can get away with it when they know that if they try, there's a very good chance that if they squeak by the government's watchful eye...they are still going to see the business end of a weapon from an armed citizen. 

Think 9/11 would have happened if someone on each plane was armed? Think that any mass shootings would have happened or been as bad had the shooters known that they would have been met with force before they got to the classrooms or into the building? You take away our right to defend ourselves, anywhere upon our lands and you then ensure tragedies like these will continue to occur and become even more frequent and deadly. You give the terrorist more of chance for success. 

But of course, that IS a socialist/marxist's agenda! Because how else can they have complete and utter control of its citizens...unless they live in fear and subjugation? ANY body who believes that the government can be every where within this vast country at every moment to protect you from those with this kind of agenda MUST realize that this isn't so. Because otherwise, why did we even have a 9/11, an Aurora Cinema, a Tucson shooting or a Sandy Hook? Apparently the government didn't stop those did they? The government's track record at being able to stop things like these is very dismal to say the least. 

And don't be so friggin naive to say, well if there weren't guns available for these people to get their hands on, it wouldn't have happened. Because there will always be a way for those who want to get their hands on guns to be able to do so. It's called the black market. There's no way to stop that. Prohibition in the 1920's, the War on Drugs (that's STILL ongoing), prostitution, sex slavery....shows this. It still happens despite our government's actions to stop them. The ONLY thing that stops the vast majority of us having to experience these kind of happenings is because for now...the perpetrators don't know if there'll be someone around the next corner or behind the next door that just might be able to take them out! Other countries won't attack because they know that if they beat the government, they still don't have the citizens because they are armed. THAT is what stops us from having complete anarchy. THAT is what keeps us free.... OURSELVES...and NOT the government. 

Our government defenses are only the front line to slow the terrorists and sometimes stop is US, the American citizens behind the front line that controls them from completely succeeding in their intentions. If you can't see this, then you are living with blinders on and are more dangerous to our freedom and way of life then the terrorists...and I'm more afraid of you, then them!

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