Thursday, May 30, 2013

Garth Brooks Song Calls BoA Wolves...Hurting America One family At A Time

Published on Mar 9, 2012 on Keep Bank Of America Honest

Bank of America has been long known for its over all corruption. As of now billions of dollars in lawsuits have been filed from just about every state for fraud. Now they are foreclosing on homes on purpose even when the home is paid off or payments are made on time. The advantage to Bank of America is even if they sell the home for half the amount owed, they get the money now and not later. 150K now is better than 300k in 10 years, They are just trying to get as much money together as fast as possible and they are doing this by forcing foreclosures through. Then they tell the government that the home was worth twice as much and double up on the capital gain loss. I have over 4000 complaints as of now and they are heart breaking.The general public thinks that people in foreclosure are just dead beats but I am here to tell you that is far from the truth. some people may play the game but most of what I have checked out has been fraud by the bank and not the homeowners. I have reviewed hundred of documents from homeowners and worked with the bank on their behalf of the homeowner and you would not believe what I have been told by the bank and its employees. Thousands of reports of abuse. I have been on the call and representing the home owner. I personally send information to the lender certified mail with signature receipt, and then I am told they never received the letter that they signed for. Just this month I sent in forty pieces of paper certified mail to B of A and they told me that they only received one piece. After 40 minutes on the phone, they found the other 39 pages of my clients file. This goes on and on. You may have heard one or two stories of homeowners abusing the system but I have heard thousands from homeowners who are not. Myself included, they tried to foreclose on me and all my payments were made on time and I had cancelled checks. They billed me 567.00 extra one month and could not explain why. I paid it but only after they started the foreclosure process. I was working three jobs with a family of six and that money was our gas money for our home. We had to take cold showers for months and heat the home with a make shift wood burning stove. I am not complaining but after Bank of America admitted the mistake, they applied the money to our mortgage and would not give it back. So my advice is to get away from this bank and never look back. Do whatever you need to do to distance yourself from them. They are criminals and will hurt you and your family just because they can.

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