Monday, May 27, 2013

The WORLD Has Spoken!

The people of the world have sent an extremely powerful message to our governments...and they need to listen and heed that message! Our Maine state legislators can start by drafting and passing a bill that ALL food that has been genetically modified MUST be labelled to be sold here in Maine.

How can the state overrule the federal government you may ask? Well, that would be see, that which is created cannot ever be greater than its creator. So, let's look at the hierarchy of things shall we? God created created town government...towns created county government...counties created state government....states created national government. Since the states created the federal government, the federal government is BELOW the states. So, whatever the states decide for themselves, even if it's in opposition of what the federal government says, IT IS LAW! 

So Maine....what's your hold up? The people have spoken (which, btw...are THREE steps higher on the hierarchy pole than YOU are!) and you NEED to do your official duty...and do what we want. LABEL the friggin food already!

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