Friday, June 21, 2013

Colorado Patriots Take Action Against State Rep On Bad Gun Laws


"People who own guns are essentially a sickness on our soul."

This quote is from Colorado State Senate President John Morse, D-Colorado Springs. More on that in a moment...

I've been somewhat of a broken record lately. "It's time to get involved and fight for your rights," has been my mantra of late. While I'm sure it gets old to hear me say that, the effects of action are well worth the constant reminder. And the state of Colorado is proof.

CO State Senate President John Morse is being recalled by voters. That's right. The man who helped push through bad gun laws this spring is being recalled by more constituents than actually even voted in his election! An election to replace him should take place in September or October, and while the legal battle over this is yet to play out, one thing is certain: Patriots in Colorado have had enough. They are no longer laying down for dangerous gun laws and the foolish lawmakers who craft them.

I don't need to spell out for you how important this is. Think about it. If just one or two people hadn't been proactive in creating the petition that is taking John Morse out of office, then where would they be today?

This event is proof that YOU have the power to get rid of lawmakers who trample on your rights. I implore you: If you have state and local elected officials who are threatening your ability to legally and justifiably protect your family from harm, you need to do something about it.

If they can do it in Colorado, you can do it where you live. Nothing is impossible.

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