Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Countdown To Chaos - Are You Prepared?


10 Signs The U.S. Is On The Brink Of Financial Collapse - Are You Prepared?


10 Out-of-control spending has left us with a debt of over $16 trillion while the U.S. pays $73.9 million to China every day to cover interest on debt.

9 A desperate Federal Reserve trying to artificially boost the economy by dumping $600 billion newly in printed money into the Treasury bond market can only mean inflation for sure.

8 Soaring prices with food rising up to another 4% in 2013, gasoline prices soaring, natural gas climbing and crude oil on the rise already this year. Your dollars aren’t going to be worth what they were.

7 Crushing taxes and regulations that are making it even more difficult to start and grow a successful business, have forced many companies to move their employees and operations out of the country.

6 Unemployment rates seem stuck at 7.7% for some states, while others remain at 9.6% — a number that doesn’t even include those who have given up looking for work.

5 A pitiful real estate market fueled by the Federal Reserve in order to stimulate the economy isn’t looking promising and most believe we won’t see recovery for years.

4 With trigger happy countries like North Korea continuing to make threats to the U.S., along with Iran threatening to nuke Israel, crude oil could rise to $240 a barrel.

3 Eurozone crisis is set to cause global economic collapse as European countries like Spain, Greece, Cyprus and others struggle under the weight of debt and unemployment.

2 The US government debt bubble has caused an increase in spending to the figure of $1 trillion all of which means the debt ceiling is on a steady climb upward every day.

1 Political insolvency around the corner with the breakdown of the United States’ socio-economic and socio-political forces has made it close to impossible for Republicans and Democrats to take action on government spending.
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