Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Great Site For Non-GMO And Organic Foods

Source for non-GMO foods and some storable preparedness items
If you're looking to stock up on non-GMO and organic foods, Green Polka Dot Box continues to expand its assortment of offerings.
For example, they have Manuka (medicinal) Honey which stores for practically forever and makes both a great first aid item and a valuable barter item. A new item in stock now is powdered peanut butter which is perfect for preparedness planning.
They also sell essential oils, non-GMO groceries, canned foods, pet foods, household items and much more. Think of them as the Sam's Club of non-GMO consumables.
Click here for a trial membership or to learn more about Green PolkaDot Box.

Stay safe,
The Health Ranger
- Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

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